Some “So Far” Stats for Eclipse Luna

I’m working out some of the queries that I’m going run to gather some stats for the Eclipse Luna release on June 25/2014. I’m starting with the Git repositories.

The Git query is relatively simple, taking all commits that have occurred since the Kepler release on all branches into consideration. So the numbers I’m getting do include commits that are not necessarily intended for Luna (e.g. it includes Kepler service release commits).

Here’s what I have so far:

Number of projects: 106

The Luna projects page only lists 71 projects. Many of these projects include subprojects with their release (the Eclipse project includes Platform, JDT, PDE, and others for example). The actual total is 117 projects and subprojects. Of those projects, only 106 actually have code (the Eclipse top-level project, for example, doesn’t have any of its own Git repositories; all contributions from the Eclipse project come from subprojects).

Confusing? Sure.

Number of Git repositories: 188

Many projects have more than one Git repository. There’s a total of 188 Git repositories contribution commits to Luna.

Number of commits: 39,391

This number speaks for itself. For perspective, that’s an average of 108 commits/day.

Number of authors: 687

This is the only fuzzy number in this list. It’s actually the number of distinct author email addresses (as specified in the author field in each Git commit). Some authors may use multiple email addresses, so the actual number of authors is probably smaller than this; but probably not much smaller.

Number of committers: 339

Of those authors email addresses, 339 of them map to committers. For completeness, this is the number of committers authoring commits to their own projects. It does not include contributions to projects by committers on other projects. So, of the 687-339=348 remaining contributors, some of them are committers on other Eclipse projects.

Lines added: 54,760,022
Lines removed: 44,302,716

I’m not sure how valuable either of these numbers is in isolation. Combined, it looks like we have net new 10,457,306 lines of code.

I’m pretty confident in the query behind these numbers, but they’re not “official” (whatever that means). I’ll likely refine the query over the next few weeks. And, of course, these numbers a current as of today. I’ll publish some more up-to-date numbers when the final release candidate is ready for download.

If you have any questions, refinements, or want to see some different numbers, let me know.

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