Toggle Line Numbers in Eclipse

I’ll admit that I’m dumbfounded by how much people care about whether line numbers are on or off by default in Eclipse. Put the cursor into the gutter area to the left of the editor and right-click to bring up the context menu, select “Toggle Line Numbers” to change the state to match your preference.

Toggle Line Numbers

Most of the standard packages have line numbers turned on by default starting with Luna.

If you’d rather conserve screen space, you can just leave them off and use ctrl+L (cmd+L on the Mac) to jump to a line.

Hit ctrl+L (or cmd+L) to jump to a particular line

Or just use the debugger.

I’d love to hear what you think about everything except whether or not line numbers should be on or off by default (seriously, it’s done: time to move on). I’ll be at Devoxx France in Paris next week. Attend my talk, or visit me at the Eclipse Foundation booth (joined by Obeo and Codenvy).

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