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Screenshot of the Week: C++ Refactoring

My son has just finished up his first year of software development at college. In a demonstration of what I consider cruel and unusual punishment, his first programming language is C++ and his first development environment is Visual C++. I have … Continue reading

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Screenshot of the Week: Git Repositories View

The Git Repositories view (which I tend to add to whatever perspective I’m working in) provides pretty much one-stop-shopping for most of my repository activity needs. In this screenshot, you can see a handful of local branches that I obviously … Continue reading

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Screenshot of the Week: Markdown Editor

You can edit Markdown, along with other types of wiki markup, directly in Eclipse. Here’s a screenshot of the Markdown editor in action: Note the “Preview” tab which will show you what the page looks when rendered. This support is … Continue reading

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Screenshot of the Week: Gradle Tools

We’re pushing hard to make sure that great tools for Gradle are included with the Eclipse Mars release. The following screenshot shows my workspace after importing the Gradle Tooling API using Buildship Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle. The Buildship project is … Continue reading

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Great Fix Winners, Round Two

Sorry, I’m a little bit late with this announcement. We have three more winners in the Great Fixes for Mars Skills Competition. In no particular order: Snjezana Peco contributed a couple of Great Fixes, but I’ll focus on the patch provided … Continue reading

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