Create your Project Import Set up at the EclipseCon Europe Hackathon

Eclipse Mars has this great new feature that you may have missed: the Oomph Project Importer will configure your Eclipse workspace with everything you need to hit the ground running quickly.

Oomph Project Importer

You can open this by selecting the Projects into Workspace importer via the File > Import… menu. The importer will guide you through the process of cloning Git/Gerrit repositories, constructing build targets, pulling tasks into Mylyn, and adding required plug-ins. In short, it will build a complete ready-to-get-started-coding environment with minimal effort in a matter of minutes.

Creating and maintaining an Oomph set up is critical if you want to lower the entry barriers for your potential contributors. You can also create set ups for your internal projects: get new employees up and running quickly!

But how to do create a set up for your project?

Step one: register for EclipseCon Europe

Step two: attend Eike Stepper and Ed Merk’s, Oomph: Eclipse the Way You Want It tutorial on Tuesday morning.

Step three: drop by the Hackathon area during designated office hours and get help to build your set up directly from the masters themselves.

If you want to learn more about Oomph and project set ups, there’s lot of useful information in the Eclipsepedia wiki.

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