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Eclipse Key Binding: Select Enclosing Element

Here’s a Eclipse command that’s pretty handy: Select Enclosing Element  (key binding: Shift+Alt+Up on Linux). Every time you hit the key combination, it expands the selection to the enclosing element. In this example, it starts with the method selector, and expands … Continue reading

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Eclipse IDE on JDK 9 Early Access with Project Jigsaw

The Eclipse IDE just works on JDK 9 Jigsaw builds. Continue reading

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A bit of Fun from the EMO Mailbag

I get a lot of email from all sorts of people looking for all kinds of help. I recently received, what I believe is the funniest one to date: I have a friend named redacted. He is evidently a master … Continue reading

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The “Projects into Workspace” Import Wizard

I broke Marcel’s language parser yesterday with what turns out to be an oddly-worded tweet. Use the “Projects into Workspace” import wizard to build an environment to develop Eclipse Platform UI is as long as it takes to download. — … Continue reading

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