Council Meetings at EclipseCon 2016

We’re going to host the Architecture and Planning Council meetings during the conference (on Thursday) at EclipseCon 2016. This will be a great opportunity for the councils to connect and plot how to make the Eclipse community even better.


We’re still in the early stages of planning, but one idea that I’ve floated is to have the councils each use some of the time to host panel discussions to connect formally with the community and answer some questions.

The Eclipse Architecture Council (AC) serves the Community by identifying and tackling any issues that hinder Eclipse’s continued technological success and innovation, widespread adoption, and future growth.

The Eclipse Planning Council (PC) is responsible for the simultaneous release (Neon). They are further responsible for cross-project planning, architectural issues, user interface conflicts, and all other coordination and integration issues.

Of course, you can connect with members of the councils at any time during the conference (e.g. over lunch). Chances are that you’ll find members of both councils hanging around the hackathon as well.

Oh, and there’s also lots of great sessions. I’m particularly excited to be part of Let’s Treat Eclipse Neon More Like a Product.

See you at EclipseCon 2016!

EclipseCon NA 2016

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