Great Fixes for Neon

Great Fixes for Eclipse Neon is a skills competition. Flex your Eclipse development skills for an opportunity to win prizes and acclaim!

A Great Fix is a contribution provides a significant improvement in projects participating in the Eclipse Neon Simultaneous Release, with a particular focus on projects that contribute to the desktop Eclipse IDE experience.

This competition has been in progress since June 2015: if you’ve submitted a patch that’s been accepted, then you’re already on the pool of potential winners. It’s not too late to join. The final deadline to have your patches accepted is May 26/2016, but the effective deadline for many projects is the Eclipse Neon M7 milestone date (after M7, most projects will only accept critical fixes; check with the project team).

To enter, all you need to do is a submit one or more patches. All contributions that are accepted by the corresponding project team and merged into the project code base before the deadline automatically qualify.

To qualify for consideration as a Great Fix, a contribution must:

  • Be for a project that is participating in the Eclipse Neon Simultaneous Release;
  • Be submitted between June 24/2015 and May 26/2016;
  • Be submitted by a non-committer;
  • Be accepted by a project committer and merged into the corresponding source code repository; and
  • Be deemed “significant” by the Architecture Council.

Fixes may be considered individually or in groups. Priority will be given to fixes that address the issues identified as high-value by the Architecture Council or otherwise improve the desktop IDE experience. Members of the Architecture Council are excluded from winning.

We’ve set up a page that lists all of the candidates based on a query against our Git commit index. Note that this list is provided for informational purposes only and that it may contain errors due to limitations in the underlying data. It will be used as input into the process.

Prizes are Android devices. There will be ten winners.

The Architecture Council will start picking weekly winners out of the pool on April 15th.

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