Great Fixes from Nathan Ridge

Our second winner in the Great Fixes for Eclipse Neon Skills Competition is Nathan Ridge. Nathan made eighty qualifying contributions to the Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) project.

Nathan uses CDT both in his day job, which involves systems programming in C++, and in personal projects, which are mostly small fun projects primarily for learning, also in C++. He uses both gcc and clang, primarily on Linux, though most of the code that he writes is cross-platform. He likes the CDT editor’s code navigation features, which he finds invaluable for finding his way around large code bases.

Nathan started filing bugs against the CDT in 2010, and started fixing them in late 2012. He was nominated to become a committer on the project in January 2016 by committer Sergey Prigogin, was enthusiastically endorsed by the project team, and has joined the team. He has made more than thirty commits since becoming a project committer.

The Great Fixes Candidates page shows a list of the commits attributed to Nathan, along with those of the other Great Fix candidates.

Eclipse Neon is the eleventh named simultaneous release of Eclipse projects. Our first official simultaneous release, Eclipse Callisto included ten open source projects; with Neon, we coordinate the release of 87 open source projects. Participating projects commit to implement a set of participation requirements and agree to produce regular milestone builds following the schedule established by the Eclipse Planning Council. Project teams engage in regular inter-project communication via the cross-project-issues-dev mailing list.


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