Great Fixes from Till Brychcy

Our third winner in the Great Fixes for Neon skills competition is Till Brychcy.

Till has used the Eclipse Java development tools (JDT) since 2003, and made his first contribution in 2013. In the time between the 2015 Mars release and today, Till has had 41 separate commits accepted by the JDT project team—most of which provide improvements in the null analysis support—adding almost 20K net new lines of code.

Till quite likes the annotation based null analysis that was introduced with Eclipse JDT 3.8 and is looking forward to Substring code completion and the problem decorator for Info severity introduced in the M5 Neon milestone builds.


The Great Fixes Candidates page shows a list of the commits attributed to Till, along with those of the other Great Fix candidates.

Eclipse Neon is on track to be released into the world on June 22/2016. But you can download and test out the latest milestone builds today.

Edit: Till has been invited to join the JDT team as a committer.

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