Git Staging View

I’ll admit that I never bothered much with the Git Staging View before now, preferring instead to make all of my commits from the Commit dialog.

The milestone seven (M7) builds of the Neon versions of the various Eclipse IDE downloads now all bring the Git Staging view to the top instead of opening the Commit dialog when you invoke the “Commit…” command.

Screenshot from 2016-05-16 15-33-08

This is configurable in the preferences (on by default).

Screenshot from 2016-05-16 15-46-51

Using the view requires a bit of a change in my habits, and so it will probably take a few iterations before it starts to get comfortable, but it’s a change that I think is worth making: probably every other time I open the Commit dialog, I have to close it to go and copy some bits of a comment that I want to put into the commit message, before opening it again. The non-blocking nature of views makes this problem go away.

Dragging and dropping between unstaged and staged changes is also darned handy.

The Eclipse Neon Simultaneous Release is scheduled for June 22/2016. Milestone (developer) builds of the Eclipse IDEs for this release are now available as Developer Builds on the Eclipse download site.

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8 Responses to Git Staging View

  1. remerson says:

    I’m still getting used to the Git Staging view (and the whole idea of having a distinct staged/unstaged state).

    The dragging and dropping is ok, but gets annoying, is non-obvious, and forces the use of the mouse. There really should be a couple of buttons between the Staged and Unstaged lists to move items from one to the other.

  2. jmini says:

    Thank you for the pointer. I already use the commit view a lot, but when I use the commit Menu (for example on a file or on a repo) I prefer the commit Dialog.

    I have already changed the default in the preferences (and I recorded the change with Oomph in order to propagate this setting to all my Eclipse IDEs).

  3. For me the dragging from unstaged to staged toke too long … I would expect a more “immediately” reaction of the view. I don’t know if this is a known issue?

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  5. Till says:

    There is one bad thing with the git staging view: the commit dialog does not support automatic staging of file. The commit dialog was so intelligent to stage the currently selected item automatically. E.g. if i have edited a file and press ctrl+# it stages the current file and opens the dialog or if i select a folder in the project explorer it automatically stages all files under this folder. This was way more comfortable than staging a subset of files manually.

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