These Are the Daves I Know

Over the years, many people have contributed to Eclipse projects, including some thirty-nine software developers (39) named Dave or David. This list includes everybody who has ever made a least one contribution to one of the many projects that have opted to participate in the Neon Simultaneous Release since the beginning of time as recorded in our Git commit logs.

It’s important to note that prior to our adoption of Git, we didn’t record contributor names in commit records. So some Dave contributors from the early days may not be present in this list. Also, there are probably a Dave or two in the single SVN repository that we still maintain for the Subversive project.

So… without further adieu, here are the Daves I know (some of them are David, but most of them are Dave): David North, Davy Landman, Dave Lerner, David Akehurst, David Berger, David Meng, David Slater, David Nemeth, Dave D, David E. Narváez, David King, David Ostrovsky, David Pletcher, David Kaspar, David Sciamma, David Salinas, Dave Locke, David Dubrow, Dave Stevenson, David Soto Setzke, David Servat, David Lauzon, David Daoust, David Pursehouse, David Kelsey, David Wootton, David Borowitz, David Michonneau, David Springgay, Dave Orme, Dawid Pakula, David Dykstal, David Inglis, David Audel, David Green, David Carver, David Steinberg, David McKnight, and David Williams.

Thank you, Daves, for your contributions!

Bonus points if you can identify the Dave that I’ve known since my university days…

For those of you who don’t get the title reference, let me introduce you to some early 1990s Canadian humour…

If you’re keeping score, there’s only one Gunnar.

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One Response to These Are the Daves I Know

  1. DJ Houghton says:

    Make that 40. 🙂

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