Eclipse TLP Contributors by Quarter

Alexander posted an interesting tweet the other day.

I decided to take a harder look at the data to see if he’s right. It turns out that he’s not. According to my data, the Eclipse Top Level Project (TLP) had the largest number of contributors, 120, in 2014Q1.


Still, 70 in 2018Q4 is pretty good. And the quarter isn’t even over yet. Those spikes in the chart notwithstanding, the healthy upward contribution trend is encouraging.

Note that my numbers are a little different than Alexander’s. His are based on the last three months worth of contributions as of the day that he parsed the chart data. My data is based strictly on traditional quarter boundaries (so his number includes some commits made in September that mine disregards).

Normally, I restrict the date range on these sorts of queries, but I decided to run against the full history. You’ll notice that it looks like we had no committers before 2005: we didn’t keep committer records in our database before the Eclipse Foundation was created in 2005.

These numbers represent only commits pushed to Git repositories owned by Projects that fall under the Eclipse Top Level Project, which only a fraction of the activity that occurs Eclipse Foundation open source projects.

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