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Run Eclipse IDE on One Version of Java, but Target Another

The Eclipse IDE for Java™ Developers (and the other Java developer variants) is itself a Java application that’s used to build Java applications. That relationship can be a bit weird to wrap your brain around. Written almost entirely in Java, the Eclipse … Continue reading

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Eclipse IDE, Oxygen Edition; and Java 9

I’ll admit that I dropped the ball for a while, but I’m back to testing the Eclipse IDE with Java 9. Java 9 includes some pretty major changes, especially in the way that it restricts access to internal code, and … Continue reading

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Let’s Treat Eclipse Neon More Like a Product

It always comes as a surprise to people when I tell them that we at the Eclipse Foundation don’t consider anything that we distribute to be a product. It’s a surprise, because basically everybody in the world thinks that the … Continue reading

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Council Meetings at EclipseCon 2016

We’re going to host the Architecture and Planning Council meetings during the conference (on Thursday) at EclipseCon 2016. This will be a great opportunity for the councils to connect and plot how to make the Eclipse community even better. We’re … Continue reading

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Interested Parties on Eclipse Project Proposals

What does it mean to be an interested party in an Eclipse project proposal? Interest. Really, that’s it. There is no implication beyond “I’m interested in this project and will watch its development”. It does not imply any specific intent … Continue reading

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Committer Bootcamp at EclipseCon Europe 2013

The programme has been announced for EclipseCon Europe 2013, and I’m in it. I’ll be sharing the stage with my colleagues Denis Roy and Sharon Corbett to deliver the first ever Eclipse Committer Bootcamp. Are you a new committer or … Continue reading

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Revise the Eclipse Development Process

I’ve proposed a session titled “Revise the Eclipse Development Process” for EclipseCon Europe 2012: It’s time to revise the Eclipse Development Process (EDP). In this interactive session, we’ll discuss how we can revise and modernize the EDP. This is intended … Continue reading

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