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Eclipse Projects: Level Playing Field

For many open source organisations, open means the same thing as transparent: open as in open book. At the Eclipse Foundation, we regard being transparent as the practice of making sure that the community can see and understand what the … Continue reading

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The 2015 Revision of the Eclipse Development Process

The Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors approved a new revision to the Eclipse Development Process in its meeting on November 2/2015. It took effect—replacing all previous versions—on December 2/2015. This is a minor revision that primarily updates the document to reflect … Continue reading

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Application Lifecycle Management at Eclipse

The Eclipse Foundation has evolved a pretty impressive application lifecycle management story. Based on what I’ve observed over the years, I believe that it’s completely reasonable to say that our ALM story is one of the best in the world: … Continue reading

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Vendor Neutrality in an Open Project

Imagine that you want to contribute to an open source project. You visit the project to browse the information provided by the project team and make your way to the downloads page. There, you discover that the downloads are hosted … Continue reading

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Lots and Lots of Eclipse Bits

The Eclipse Development Process doesn’t make any specific requirements on what projects are supposed to distribute. Projects are required to operate in an open and transparent manner, so I guess that we could say that project are required to distribute … Continue reading

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Eclipse Development Process 2011

I’ve been working on some updates to the Eclipse Development Process (EDP) that we’ll roll out in August 2011. The main driver behind these changes is some planned changes in the Eclipse Bylaws. The Bylaw change that will most affect … Continue reading

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Heavyweight Processes

“Is something wrong?”, she said Well of course there is, “you’re still alive,” she said Oh, and do I deserve to be? Is that the question? And if so, if so, who answers, who answers? – Pearl Jam, Alive I … Continue reading

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