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Becoming an Eclipse Committer

Committers are the developers who hold the keys for an open source project. They are the ones who get to push code directly to source code repositories, configure build servers, push the output of builds to the download server, and … Continue reading

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Git Contribution Activity Charts for Eclipse Projects

This post is brought to you today by the Eclipse EGit™ Project. Eclipse EGit is the Eclipse open source project that provides Git integration for the Eclipse Platform. On Eclipse open source project pages (which we often refer to as … Continue reading

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Specification Project Committer Agreements

We identified a hole in our committer agreement process that excluded individuals with a certain employment status from participating in Eclipse Foundation open source specification projects operating under the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process (EFSP). I’ll start by saying that you … Continue reading

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Organizing Your Eclipse Foundation Open Source Project Team

Other than defining committers and project leads, the EDP says nothing about how teams organize. We expect that project teams sort this out for themselves. Continue reading

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Yearly Release Reviews for Eclipse Projects

One of the key roles of he Eclipse Architecture Council is to maintain the Eclipse Development Process (EDP). Maintenance usually takes the form of an update every year or so. Updates to the EDP are approved by the Eclipse Board … Continue reading

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Eclipse Committer and Contributor Paperwork

The Eclipse Foundation has several agreements that we use to ensure that contributors understand the terms by which they make their contributions and, especially, to give them an opportunity to assert that they have the necessary rights to make those … Continue reading

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Eclipse IP Policy: Reviewing Third Party Content

I’ll start this discussion with some background… Under the original Eclipse Foundation Intellectual Property (IP) Policy, every bit of third party content needed to be thoroughly reviewed before it could be used by an Eclipse project. And the reviews were … Continue reading

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