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Bye Bye Mon UDC

For reasons that are difficult to articulate, I can’t get a particular Mitsou song out of my head (a little glimpse into the horrors of the early-90s late-80s Canadian music scene). But anyway… The Eclipse Foundation has decided to shut … Continue reading

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New Information in UDC Reports

I’ve tweaked the way that the existing reports of usage data are being generated. For each type of report, we now include the bundle information (symbolic id and version). With this, you can see how many users are using particular … Continue reading

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Upcoming Project Reviews

We some reviews coming up on September 16. First is a release review for Visual Editor. I think that this should come as a great relief for many in the community; I see lots of questions about this on various … Continue reading

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UDC Data Update

The Eclipse Usage Data Collector has been running for several months now. I spent a few minutes yesterday cleaning up the presentation of the data. The Usage Data Collector page on now has fresh links to the report data. … Continue reading

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Wanna see some numbers?

I’ve got some numbers from from the usage data collector for the month of July. It’s the first full month of real data. Currently, I’ve only got data for commands, views, editors, and perspectives used; the information is restricted to … Continue reading

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Holy Cow!

Participation in the Usage Data Collector has been nothing short of outstanding. As of this moment, we have gathered usage data from more than 22,000 users (more than 20,000 new participants this month alone). The usage trends page shows this … Continue reading

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Project Pairing Visualization

At Nick’s suggestion, I’ve been tinkering with using Zest to visualize the project pairing data that I’ve spend so darned much time gathering from the Usage Data Collector results over the past week. This image was generated using the “Spring … Continue reading

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