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Devoxx4Kids Ottawa June 2017

We all had such a great time at the Devoxx4Kids session in San Jose this past March that we’ve decided to try running a session here in Ottawa. The goals and mission of Devoxx4Kids is to: Teach children Computer Programming while having … Continue reading

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Sleepwalk, So Fast Asleep

One of my favourite literary quotes comes from Canadian author, Hugh MacLennan. “But that night as I drove back to Montreal, I at least discovered this: that there is no simple explanation for anything important any of us do, and … Continue reading

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Technology Behind the new Eclipse Project Handbook

I’ve been asked about the technology used in the new Eclipse Project Handbook. The content itself is specified in Asciidoc format and rendered into HTML using Asciidoctor. I started off using Asciidoc for rendering, but changed after I ran into … Continue reading

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Eclipse N!

The Eclipse Planning Council—with help from the community—is trying to sort out the name for our eleventh named simultaneous release in 2016. We had some trouble with the first set of names that we selected, and so we’re into the … Continue reading

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More names for Eclipse

I regularly receive requests for quotes from purchasing agents for Eclipse software. In almost every case, they’re looking for an Eclipse-based IDE, but don’t quite know what to call it. Today’s gems are: Eclipse CDT Juno Eclipse Eclipse 352 Eclipse … Continue reading

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No seriously: We love Git. Seriously.

The cornerstone, I think, of a good April Fools Day joke is plausibility. The more reasonable or possible the topic, the more likely it is that you’ll fool somebody. I’m not sure what it says about the Eclipse Foundation that … Continue reading

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Are you the Judean People’s Front?

During a meeting yesterday, I was forced to think about the scene (not entirely safe for work) in Monty Python’s Life of Brian when the protagonist is introduced to the People’s Front of Judea. In this meeting we were discussing … Continue reading

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