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Specification Scope in Jakarta EE

With the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process (EFSP) a single open source specification project has a dedicated project team of committers to create and maintain one or more specifications. The cycle of creation and maintenance extends across multiple versions of the … Continue reading

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Renaming Java EE Specifications for Jakarta EE

It’s time to change the specification names… When we first moved the APIs and TCKs for the Java EE specifications over to the Eclipse Foundation under the Jakarta EE banner, we kept the existing names for the specifications in place, … Continue reading

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Progress and Release Reviews

The Eclipse Development Process (EDP) requires that a project team engage in a successful progress or release review before creating a formal release. We use progress and release reviews as an opportunity to validate that a project team is following the open source … Continue reading

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Eclipse TLP Contributors by Quarter

Alexander posted an interesting tweet the other day. 92 different contributors to Eclipse in the last 3 months aka 4.10 . This is probably(not checked) a record high !!! — Alexander Kurtakov (@akurtakov) December 17, 2018 I decided to … Continue reading

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License Certification (Mostly) Just Happens

The Eclipse Intellectual Property Policy defines two types of intellectual property (IP) due diligence for third party content. The so-called Type A Due Diligence is concerned exclusively with license certification; and Type B Due Diligence is concerned with license certification, provenance … Continue reading

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Language Server Protocol Talks at Eclipse Converge and Devoxx US

I’m particularly interested in learning more about Language Server Protocol at the combined Eclipse Converge and Devoxx US conferences at the end of March. We have a handful of projects doing work on the topic, and the opportunity to connect directly with the … Continue reading

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What’s Your (IP Due Diligence) Type?

Long-time Eclipse Committer, Ian Bull initiated a interesting short chat on Twitter yesterday about one big challenge when it comes to intellectual property (IP) management. Ian asked about the implications of somebody forking an open source project, changing the license in … Continue reading

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