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Releases, Plans, and Reviews

Beware the IDEs of March. For each release, an Eclipse project is required to provide a project plan. The project plan is created at the beginning of a release cycle and may be modified throughout the cycle. The plan tells … Continue reading

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Diversity in Open Source Projects

I’ve been talking a lot about diversity lately. There are, of course, different kinds of diversity; but when I talk about diversity, I tend to mean diversity in the organizations contributing to an open source project: multiple organizations from different … Continue reading

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Weekend Distractions: Learn Binary

I am inspired by a bit of advice from an old programmer. Since I’ve spent more than twenty years as a professional software developer (close to thirty years if you count high-school and university), I figure that I’ve earned the … Continue reading

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Releases, Plans, and Reviews

Nathan and I have been working on a new Project Management Infrastructure for the Eclipse Foundation. Some think of it as a replacement for the current Developer Portal. I see it as more than that. There are many aspects of … Continue reading

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