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Great Fixes from Eric Williams

Updating to GTK3 has been a bit of a challenge. While researching this problem earlier this year, I ran across countless blog posts, and forum comments from all sorts of open source project teams that were frustrated with their own … Continue reading

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Great Fixes for Neon

Great Fixes for Eclipse Neon is a skills competition. Flex your Eclipse development skills for an opportunity to win prizes and acclaim! A Great Fix is a contribution provides a significant improvement in projects participating in the Eclipse Neon Simultaneous … Continue reading

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Quick Access to Eclipse IDE Features

As Lars points out on the ide-dev mailing list, a lot of Eclipse IDE users aren’t aware of some very handy features, especially the one-feature-to-rule-them-all: Quick Access. In an Eclipse IDE, Quick Access will take you quickly to the feature you … Continue reading

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Just Drag and Drop to Install

The Eclipse Marketplace is a pretty cool bit of software. It provides a great place for organizations and individuals to make their software available to the community. Even cooler, however, is the Eclipse Marketplace Client which lets you browse the … Continue reading

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Releases and the Eclipse Development Process

The Eclipse Development Process (EDP) regards a release as a pretty significant event. A release is similar to what other organizations might call a general availability release (GA), or ship event. A release is generally associated with some form of enhanced quality … Continue reading

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Swing by to Talk about SWT and JavaFX

Eclipse SWT support for GTK3 has improved dramatically since the Eclipse Mars release: the latest milestone and nightly builds work and look great on my Fedora 22 box. There’s still some work to do, but the progress since Mars is … Continue reading

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Connect with Eike Stepper at EclipseCon 2016

If you need to get a development environment configured just right and share that configuration with your team, you need to connect with Eike Stepper, the project lead and resident expert on our awesome (Oomph-some?) Eclipse Installer technology. The Eclipse Installer technology, … Continue reading

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