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Stammtisch at the Hotel Krone in Stuttgart, July 3rd.

One of the more exciting things I get to do when I visit Germany is attend one of Ralph’s many Stammtisches (or is that Stammtischae?) For the uninitiated, Stammtisch translates roughly into “regular’s table”. Ralph’s incarnation of the tradition brings … Continue reading

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Project Pairing Visualization

At Nick’s suggestion, I’ve been tinkering with using Zest to visualize the project pairing data that I’ve spend so darned much time gathering from the Usage Data Collector results over the past week. This image was generated using the “Spring … Continue reading

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Ganymede Presentation

I’m working on a presentation about Ganymede. I’ve already got some slides from the talk Mike and I did at JavaOne 2008, and am in the process of adding material from Chris’ article on developerWorks. I’ve scavenged a lot of … Continue reading

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Project Pairing reports: Now with column sorting!

Last week, I wrote about a new report I added for the UDC data that shows project pairings “in the wild”. In a comment, Nick effectively killed my weekend. Nick, my wife’s not happy with you. I showed her your … Continue reading

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Real-Time Shared Editing

Mustafa has posted a cool screencam of shared editing using Eclipse. He and a friend, Thomas, chat via Skype while they work together on the same file in shared editor. It’s about as good as real side-by-side pair-programming… It may … Continue reading

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What is Riena About?

Elias posted this note on the Riena Dev list. I think it’s interesting reading that deserves a broader audience. So… here it is. — From my personal point-of-view (having done a couple of RCP projects) the benefit of Riena that … Continue reading

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Project pairings

I decided that it might be cool to find out which projects are being used together in the wild, so I wrote a new report using data collected by the Usage Data Collector (UDC). The report shows a table where … Continue reading

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