My first screen cam

I’ve created my first screen cam demonstration of Eclipse. It’s all so very exciting for me. Can you feel the excitement?

This demo shows how you can use Eclipse together with JUnit to do top down development of Java code using a test first philosophy. Along the way, I make heavy use of code assist (ctrl-space) and quick fix (ctrl-1).

One of the key messages of the demo is that you shouldn’t be afraid of the little red Xs and lines in and around your code (indicating errors). As you develop from the top down, you’re going to make a lot of those little red Xs along the way. I tend to think of them as markers telling me what I need to do next.

One of the cooler (IMHO) features of Eclipse that is demonstrated in this screen cam is the ability to run code that contains compile errors. At one point in demo, I actually run the test code despite the fact that there is a compile error in the test class. Everything runs right up to the point where it tries to run the the method containing the compile error; at that point, it throws an exception indicating the error and moves on. In the case of a JUnit test class, it would just move on to the next test method. Try that with javac!

I doubt very much that any of you truly seasoned folks will get any real value from this. It’s really intended for people who are new to Eclipse. For those folks, enjoy!

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5 Responses to My first screen cam

  1. Gunnar says:

    Well, if you would have put Sweet Home Alabama in the background I would say that this is one of the best screen casts I ever saw. 😉

  2. Gunnar says:

    Unfortunately, you didn’t :-P.

  3. Wayne says:

    I had to leave something for my next one…

  4. Ed Burnette says:

    I couldn’t view it. It just said ‘screencast loading’ and never showed anything else. (FF I suggest you try to set them up like the ones on eclipsezone so they start immediately while they’re streaming.

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