Stretch out and wait… or don’t

Good news for Eclipse plug-in/RCP developers who need to embed Swing/AWT components in SWT views on the Mac! Thanks to the efforts of Apple’s JVM developers, the SWT_AWT bridge now works on the Mac. Bug#: 67384 is now marked as resolved (and is peppered with comments declaring victory).

Now… I just need to convince Mike to let me buy a Mac so I can see it for myself…

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3 Responses to Stretch out and wait… or don’t

  1. Jeroen says:

    Now this is excellent news to me. :)My current project wouldn’t run on my PowerBook, maybe it will soon. 🙂 It’s a planning application for the dutch railways. 60 man project, been in development for over 2 years now. It will be used for planning alle infrastructure, trains and personnel. I’ve heard we might upgrade from Eclipse JDT/RCP 3.0.1 to 3.1 soon and maybe even 3.2. Also I must say that Eclipse 3.2 is comming together quite nicely now on OS X. There were some issues with the plugin dev. tools. But the seem to be resolved in one of the recent milestones.Now I really want an Eclipse t-shirt to show the world my “love” for Eclipse. So fix me up Wayne, anything we can arrange? I’m wearing a NetBeans t-shirt sometimes because I do have one of those. You know the “are you still in the dark” print” Scored it on last years JavaPolis in Belgium.*lol*

  2. Jeroen says:

    About getting a Mac, it can run Windows no problem at all. Bootcamp. ;)And those new MacBooks are great for someone on the road as much as you. Small and light, long batery life. It can get power from most airplane laptop sockets, the MacBook Pro’s slurp to much power for those. And it supports screen spanning too, so when presenting it should work excellent.Hmm, perhaps I should start an “Apple hint, tips and random musings” blog. I’m starting to sound like and Apple evangalist.(sorry for the double post though)

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