Eclipse at ECOOP

The European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP) 2006 is being held in Nantes, France from July 3rd to 7th. Eclipse is going to be there in full force.

The Eclipse Technology Exchange (eTX) Workshop will be held on July 4th. The goal of the eTX workshop is to create opportunities for participants to become familiar with each other’s work and to create a challenging environment for open exchange among participants. The deadline for position papers has already passed, so unless you’ve already submitted, you’ll be joining me in the groupie area outside the workshop space.

That evening, the Eclipse Foundation is hosting the Eclipse Bistro. The Bistro may sound a little weird, but I’m confident that it’ll be a great evening for anybody interested in learning about Eclipse. We’ve assembled a collection of experts in various Eclipse-related fields. These experts will be available to discuss your Eclipse questions, concerns, and projects. Bring your laptop if you want/need to show us something. The experts may have some demonstration materials of their own and will be invited to say a few words to the audience to describe their areas of interest and invite folks to their table. We’re also going to have a few short talks, beverages, and munchies. It should be a fun night for all involved.

Of course there is lots of Eclipse content at the conference; there are at least four tutorials with explicit Eclipse content and no-doubt many more that make use of Eclipse.

It’s going to be a great conference. I hope to see you there. Early registration ends June 2.

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