31,755 and counting

So far there have been 31,755 downloads of the Eclipse SDK 3.2 and 3,066 downloads of the Platform Runtime Binaries. This seems like a lot to me considering that it is the first weekend in July (first officialish weekend of summer in the northern hemisphere) and the start of a long holiday weekend in North America. Both Canada and the United States are celebrating the births of our respective nations this weekend with fireworks and excessive alcohol consumption. Apparently, we need to add downloading Eclipse to that list.

Consumption of the screen cams is pretty high as well, with 1,608 views of the “Installing Eclipse” demo. Now that the Callisto release is real, this demo is a little out of date (it shows how to obtain a release candidate build); I should have updated it on Friday, but with all the local Eclipse committers in the office, I was a little distracted (embarassingly, I was so distracted I even forgot to get out my camera). I’ll try to do something about it this week.

If you haven’t yet experienced Callisto, there’s still time. Experience Callisto.

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One Response to 31,755 and counting

  1. Denis Roy says:

    Don’t forget another 1,000 torrent downloads too.http://torrent.ibiblio.org/browse.php?docid=70

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