We won him over?

You may recall a post a while back about a new and exciting blog titled “Eclipse Sucks”, hosted by a German post-graduate student Hobel. If you followed his blog, you’d have noticed that it started out very negative of Eclipse, but appeared to get warmer over time. Now the blog has totally disappeared.

My glass-half-full personality wants to believe that we’ve reached him—that he’s seen that Eclipse ain’t all that bad afterall—and took down the blog. We may never know for sure. But I like to think that we’ve won him over.

Hobel, if you’re out there… come toward the light.

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2 Responses to We won him over?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting. His other blog “fear-in-software” is also gone. They are now both filled with SPAM… His profile is still up though with no links to his blogs, so I guess it’s not that he was hacked? – Don

  2. Julia says:

    Maybe he meant Eclipse the car? 🙂

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