Translating Eclipse Corner Articles

I recently added Korean to the list of languages we have Eclipse Resources available in. In addition to Korean, we have resources in English (of course), French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. I’m pretty excited by the prospect of having some Eclipse Corner Articles available in Korean as well. We have at one in the pipeline now: Yang Seok-Ho has translated the “JET Tutorial Part 1 (Introduction to JET)” into Korean.

The problem that we have with translations is that we have basically no editorial capability in languages other than English (it could be argued that we have limited editorial capability in English as well, but that’s a whole other story). I’d love to be able to make translations into other languages available, but am fully dependent on the community to to ensure that these translations are correct. With the possible exception of French, I’m not even all that able to determine if the character encoding is even correct.

My more immediate problem is that I need some Korean readers to review the translation we have in the pipeline. More generally, if you want to provide a translation of an existing Eclipse Corner Article, or contribute an entirely new Eclipse Corner article in a language other than English, please feel welcome to do so. And, if you stumble across a translation in bugzilla that needs reviewing in a language you can read, please add your comments.

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