Neil Bartlett and Alex Blewitt Discuss OSGi

I spoke recently with Alex Blewitt, OSGi Expert and Editor-in-Chief of EclipseZone, and Neil Barlett, OSGi Enthusiast, about OSGi. Neil has recently authored a series of articles on the topic. In this podcast, Neil and Alex talk about how OSGi is being used today and its potential for the future.

The podcast is here.

We recorded the talk in the registration area at EclipseCon. For effect, I thought it’d be cool to have a background hum of the excitement that pervades EclipseCon. I’m not sure the effect is quite what I was hoping for (especially since—other than the guy with the carpet cleaner—there really wasn’t a lot of buzz in the registration area).

Note that I’ve changed Neil’s title above per his request that he be labeled an OSGi “enthusiast” rather than “expert”. I question his choice given the quality of the articles he’s produced and his obvious depth of knowledge in the subject, but I respect his position.

On a related note, I’ve been working on the podcast feed. It now loads into iTunes, but for some reason it doesn’t show the recent podcasts. I’m still trying to sort out why it’s not working quite right. If anybody has experience with Atom feeds and iTunes, please feel free to impose your skills on me….

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4 Responses to Neil Bartlett and Alex Blewitt Discuss OSGi

  1. Neil Bartlett says:

    For the record I would like to dispel the pernicious rumour that I am any kind of “OSGi Expert”. I’m not sure how it started but it has to stop, right now! I’m nothing more than an enthusiastic user.Seriously, there are many real OSGi Experts wandering around EclipseCon and I encourage anybody with an interest in OSGi to talk to them. Look out for the tall Dutchman with “Ask Me About OSGi” on his back – that’s Peter Kriens and he has more OSGi knowledge in his little finger than I have in my… little finger.

  2. michael says:

    see the apple podcast spec says:The <enclosure> tag has three attributes: URL, length, and type. An enclosure from the example feed above:<enclosure url=”″ length=”5650889″ type=”audio/mpeg”/>The file extension of the URL attribute of this tag is used to determine if an item should appear in the Podcast directory. Supported extensions include “m4a”, “mp3”, “mov”, “mp4”, “m4v”, and “pdf”.So your URLs don’t seem to be recognized as mp3.I’d be very happy if this could be made working somehow. It’s a very good idea, thanks.

  3. Wayne says:

    I’ve determined that you’re absolutely correct: iTunes isn’t recognizing the url as valid. I’ve tried a few things, but so far, I can’t seem to find a workable solution that has the podcasts on the downloads server. Right now, I’ve moved this one to the webserver temporarily and that seems to work. Maybe Denis and I can come up with something next week.

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