New Eclipse Resources

Qi Liang has authored an excellent article titled “Using the BIRT Chart Engine in Your Plug-in” that discusses how you can incorporate BIRT charts into your own applications. This article introduces the basic concepts of BIRT Chart Engine, explains what BIRT Chart Engine is composed of, and illustrates how to create a chart and use it as widget.

A few days ago, I added a link on the Eclipse Resources to a new article on Eclipse RCP written in Arabic (the title translates into something like “The establishment of professional programs through Java / RCP”) by Bashir Storm. I have to say that I think the article looks really cool, despite the fact that I can’t understand a word of it without help from Google Language Tools. The beta support for Arabic to English translation does what I think is a pretty good job.

Frankly, I think that it’s very cool that folks like Bashir and Qi are doing great stuff with Eclipse in far off lands that I dream one day of visiting…

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