Diversity Rocks

I’m not sure if this is diversity at work or not, but have you been watching the Visual Editor Project’s (VEP) Project’s ve-dev list lately?

The project-that-could seems to be gathering steam. There’s not what I would call a huge amount of activity, but there seems to be a steadily growing amount of activity. And, while messages a few months ago were along the lines of “is the project dead?”, the messages now seem to be real developers talking to real developers about how they’re going to solve real problems. Frankly, it’s exciting. Of course time will tell how successful this effort will be, but really cool to watch what could be the tipping point for a real project success story.

There appears to be a lot of diversity at work here. There’s several committers, all from different organizations, working together. There’s a few names that many of us will recognise, but there’s some new blood in there also. I said it before, but I’m going to say it again; I’m darned excited about this project. With all these people involved, I want to be involved. I’ve been looking over the bug list to see where I might be able to help. If you want to be able to say “you were there when ve hit the tipping point” you should take a look too! And, of course, don’t forget about September’s Bug Day; there could be a little something more than just bragging rights in it for you…

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