RAP is hot

Last Wednesday, Anne (representing the EMO) announced the graduation review of the Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) project and created Bug 204737 for comments. The graduation review itself will be held on October 3rd, but the community has already started voting. I don’t know if this is unheard of, but after a cursory scan, I haven’t found any other projects that have received even a single +1 before the date of the actual review. RAP already has three +1s, and has even garnered a +2 (which—in all fairness—will be automagically downgraded to a +1 in the final tally).

And—just in case you’re wondering—no, none of the voters are committers on the project. In fact, only one of the voters is an Eclipse committer.

RAP is pretty innovative and definitely scores very high on the “wicked cool” scale. If you haven’t already, you should take a look.

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3 Responses to RAP is hot

  1. Vineet Sinha says:

    Yeah, it is really rare to see really innovative and really useful open-source projects. Kudos to the foundation for maintaining an environment where such ideas are born.


  2. Come the RAP graduation party at Eclipse Summit Europe!

    Beers and such on Wednesday, Oct 10 evening – organized by Inoopract GmbH

    See you there –


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