Got a good JSP plug-in?

I was asked recently if I knew of a good JSP editor for Eclipse.

The easiest answer is to look at the Web Tools 2.0, part of the Europa release and available from the Europa update site, which includes a visual HTML/JSP/JSF editor. I’ve had some good experiences with this, but haven’t really had a chance to stress it in a large project context.

The J2EE Development Platform page on Eclipse Plug-in Central lists several Eclipse-based products that provide HTML/JSP/JSF editors among their features. I’ve used BEA Workshop Studio; it’s pretty slick and does a great job with the JSPs, provides WYSIWYG editing for JSF, Beehive NetUI/Pageflow, Struts/Tiles, and more. A free, commerically-licensed version is available. I’ve also heard great things about MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench and Lomboz, but haven’t had a chance to use either of them.

There are other plug-in repositories out there as well. A quick search on EclipsePlugins reveals dozens of JSP-related plug-ins.

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