Eclipse and Java EE Development

I’ve managed to pick up some extra responsibilities for the upcoming JavaPolis 2007 conference in Antwerp, Belgium. In addition to the talk on Mylyn that I’ve been planning to do for a while now, I’ve recently been coerced (in a relatively nice way) into delivering a three hour “IDEs in Day” slot. “Three hours of talking about Eclipse”, you say, “how hard can that be?” The wrinkle is the topic: “Eclipse and Java EE 5 development”.

To be honest, I’m not sure how big a deal this is going to be. I have spent a fair chunk of my life doing Java EE development using Eclipse, so I feel pretty confident that I can provide a good experience to those in attendance. The problem is that I haven’t really done very much with Java EE in the past two years, and I assume that at least some things have changed. I assume that servlets and JSPs are still interesting. Are people still using Struts? Has JSF made the big time yet? Are EJBs still interesting? Web services anyone? I imagine that Spring has to be high on the list of technologies people want to hear about. What have I left out?

Clearly, Web Tools is the focal point of this talk. However, I think that I’ll spend at least some time talking about Equinox as a server and on a server. There’s probably some room to talk about EclipseLink and Dali (JPA). It might be good to pull out ATF; folks can’t get enough of that Ajax stuff these days…

So… those of you who are doing Java EE development, what are the Java EE topics that people care about? What should I cover in this talk?

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