On again, BoF again

I’ve started to go through some of the BoF submissions for EclipseCon, and came across this gem:

Mylyn Bashing, Brainstorming and Beer BOF

On Mylyn we typically perform UI reviews on conference calls and bug reports. This one will be a little different. As the Mylyn committers present the key parts of the UI, everyone attending will have a chance to complain and throw tomatoes at the screen. We will then brainstorm designs that address the most interesting usability problems that we face for Mylyn 3.0. If the design discussions do not converge we will give up, go for beer, lament about how hard UI design is, and search the hallways for Platform people to blame things on.

I love amusing abstracts. Mylyn just keeps on giving and giving.

I’m in charge of scheduling the BoFs again this year. Once again, I’m trying to determine how to best schedule them. Ideally, I’d like to schedule them based on feedback in the comments. It seems very natural to me to schedule the BoFs that people most what to see, and one way to gauge interest is by feedback on the proposal. In the past, however, relatively little feedback has been provided.

That said, I am an extremely positive person, and I feel that there may be a change this year. In this spirit, I am going to hold off accepting any BoFs until February 14th. On that day, I’ll go through the proposals and will first schedule the most popular ones (I’ll judge popularity based on the number of commenters expressing interest in attending). I’ll reserve the first 10% of the available BoF slots for this. After that, I’ll schedule the rest on a first-come, first-served basis.

We run short of BoF slots every year, so get your proposal in sooner rather than later. Add a comment to your proposal that indicates when you’d like it scheduled (i.e. what slot) and I’ll do my best (no promises). Don’t put it in the abstract, make a separate comment for it. Make sure that you let your audience know about the BoF and encourage them to add their comments acknowledging their interest.

Submit your proposals here.

See you at EclipseCon!

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