Summer projects for students

Hey students! Looking for something fun to do this summer? Do you want to be part of the coolest open source project ever?

If you haven’t been accepted already, you’re a little late for Google Summer of Code. However, there are still lots of great opportunities to do open source work this summer. We list thousands of great project ideas in our bug tracking system. Or, if you find that too daunting, you can narrow down the list (and maybe find a specific Eclipse project that you’re interested in) by posting a note on the soc-dev mailing list asking for advice. You may also be able to attract a mentor.

I am, of course, partial to some of the projects that I’m working on; specifically, the IDE4EDU and Examples project. The Eclipse IDE for Education (IDE4EDU) project is, IMHO, particularly interesting for students as the output, an IDE for students, is directed to them and their peers.

So students… if you want to get some great experience, pad your resume, and get an early start in that all-important reputation building… this is your chance.

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