Google Summer of Code 2012 Students announced!

The Google Summer of Code 2012 students have been announced, and I’m very happy to report that Google selected twelve exceptional student project proposals for the Eclipse Community.

  • The Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) project picked up two student projects: Future enhancements for Salvo Newsreader, and OSGi Remote Services Testing framework for ECF;
  • Three student projects were selected for eTrice – Real-Time Modeling Tools: Diagram Layout in eTrice with KIELER, Extended Model Validation and State Graph Proposal Generation, and Generic Action Code Language;
  • Only one project was selected for JGit: Extending the CLI (command line interface) in JGit;
  • Two for Mylyn: Activity tracing for Mylyn, and Enriching Mylyn’s Task Context with Breakpoints;
  • Two for Orion: Eclipse Orion Chrome DevTools Extension, and Orion – Cooperation with Contributors;
  • The Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) gets one: Parallel Tools Platform Graphical Explorer of CUDA Programs; and
  • One for Code Recommenders: Merge SnipMatch into Eclipse Code Recommenders.

I’m pleased with the results so far. The bonding period officially begins tomorrow, and the official start of coding begins near the end of May.

Congratulations to the accepted students!

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