Some Juno Numbers

Seventy-two (72) projects signed up to participate in the Juno Simultaneous Release. Some of these projects include one or more subprojects with their participation. Effectively, this means that some subprojects have joined their parents in the release (joint IP Log and release review). In many cases, the related projects share a common build and distribution channel (though is is not necessarily the case).

Projects decide for themselves whether or not to roll their release into their parent project. The Eclipse project, for example, counts as one Juno participant, but includes subprojects Platform, PDE, and JDT. Similarly, Mylyn counts as one Juno participant, but includes subprojects Mylyn Builds, Mylyn Commons, Mylyn Context, Mylyn Docs, Mylyn Reviews, Mylyn Tasks, and Mylyn Versions.

If you count all of the subprojects, seventy-two grows to ninety-five (95).

A total of 422 committers each provided at least one of the fifty-thousand (50K) commits that have been made against Juno project source code repositories in the past year.

Git figures large with the projects on the simultaneous release. Sixty-one (61) Juno projects use Git. That’s 64%; a little better than the 60% of all Eclipse projects that use Git. Only twenty-three (23) projects in Juno are using CVS, and eleven (11) are on SVN.

Line counts are not a great measure of developer productivity, but they do provide a sense of shear size. We estimate that there are fifty-five (55) million lines of code in Juno.

The lines of code estimate is computed based on repository data provided by the projects; there may be some omissions if the repository data is not entirely up-to-date. I did review the repositories list, and am pretty confident that project repositories are properly represented. It’s worth noting that the line count doesn’t include projects that are not explicitly on the simultaneous release. Some Gemini Web bundes are, for example, included by Virgo. Gemini Web is not itself on the simultaneous release and so its lines are not included in the count.

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