Great Fix Winners, Round Three

My apologies for being late with this announcement.

We have four winners in this third and final round of the Great Fixes for Mars Skills Competition. In no particular order, I present the winners…

Tony McCrary contributed dozens (maybe hundreds) of new icons to multiple projects. The impact of these changes is most noticeable on the dark theme or a toolbar with a coloured background, but they also improve the appearance of the icons nicely on even a white background. There’s a brief mention (and example) in the new and noteworthy documentation for JDT 4.5M7.

This fix represents a considerable amount of work spanning multiple months, and plenty of interaction with multiple development teams in at least ten different bugs. Tony contributed SVG versions of each of the icons along with some tools for converting them to various forms which will be handy when we’re ready to generate images for HDPI.

Robert Roth contributed a number of fixes that improve the consistency of the user experience and stability of the platform. Robert’s contribution takes the form of a dozen small fixes that have a significant impact in aggregate. One fix, for example, makes the position of the “Apply” button in the launch configurations dialog consistent with the placement in other dialogs. His contributions also include some stability fixes.

Fabio Zadrozny spent a lot of effort to make CSS-based styling work with more widgets and improve the dark theme. This effort has resulted in hundreds of lines of new Java and CSS code that greatly improve the dark theme experience.

In keeping with the dark theme theme, our fourth winner Simon Scholz has also contributed a number of patches that make styling Eclipse easier and by extension improve the quality of the dark theme. Simon also contributed a new “presentation” theme that bumps up the font size in the IDE that’s useful for when you’re doing a demo in front of a group, and a patch that improves the stability of the platform by plugging a memory leak.

Congratulations to the winners! I’ll send out the prizes tomorrow.

Many thanks to everybody who participated! We’ll be in contact later this week to tell you how to get your Eclipse t-shirt.

Another thing that I have to do this week is sort out which committer did the most work reviewing contributions. I have one extra prize for them.

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2 Responses to Great Fix Winners, Round Three

  1. Robert Roth says:

    “We’ll be in contact later this week to tell you how to get your Eclipse t-shirt.” Does this mean that you’ll contact everyone participating, or we should contact you about the details?

    • waynebeaton says:

      Sorry that I wasn’t more clear. We’ll send you a link that you can use to select a size and specify your co-ordinates. Getting this done is on my list for later today.

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