Java 9 Support for Eclipse IDE, Oxygen Edition

Update: Note that as of October 11/2017, Java 9 is 100% supported “out of the box” by Eclipse IDE, Oxygen Edition; Java 9 can be used to run your Eclipse IDE, Oxygen Edition, and can be used to build Java 9 applications without additional configuration. Download or update today.

Java 9 has been released into the world and support to make your Eclipse IDE ready to build, run, and debug Java 9 applications is available from the Eclipse Marketplace. You can install this either from within the Marketplace Client in the Eclipse IDE itself (Help > Eclipse Marketplace) or by dragging and dropping from the website.

Or, just drag and drop this install button onto your running Eclipse.

Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

Installing the Java 9 support will also add the JUnit 5 support as well!

The Java 9 support includes:

  • the ability to add JRE and JDK 9 as installed JRE;
  • support for JavaSE-9 execution environment;
  • the ability to create Java and Plug-in projects that use a JRE or JDK 9; and
  • the ability to compile modules that are part of a Java project

Checkout for some working examples of Java 9.

We’ll be including both Java 9 and JUnit 5 support in our package downloads and the installer soon!

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