The Eclipse Foundation and GSoC 2019

The Eclipse Foundation has been selected as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2019. This is our fourteenth year participating in this awesome programme that matches (and funds) post-secondary students with open source software projects for the summer term (in the northern hemisphere).

Eclipse Committers: if you’re are interested in participating in the programme as mentors, please send a note to to request an invitation. Candidates need to be existing committers on an Eclipse open source project. Please seed our list of potential student summer projects on our GSoC 2019 Ideas page.

Students: review our ideas page, our list of “help wanted” issues, and the issue trackers for our Eclipse open source projects. Please note that we will only accept projects that have direct relevance with one of our projects (be sure to cite the name of the relevant Eclipse open source project(s) in your proposal). Use the GSoC website to register your project idea with us. Keep in mind that our good friends at Google strictly enforce the deadlines indicated in the timeline. The Student Application Period starts on March 25, 2019 and ends on April 9, 2019. Use the time between now and March 25 to research ideas and connect with our project teams.

Mentors and students: please subscribe to the mailing list. We will use this list for all communication related to the programme. Use this channel to ask questions about the programme or get pointers to project-specific channels.

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2 Responses to The Eclipse Foundation and GSoC 2019

  1. Tchoforwilson says:

    I have problem accessing the ideas Page .

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