Funny you should ask

In a comment to a past blog entry, I was asked today about my Image Viewer plug-in (I blogged about it again here). Specifically, I was asked if the source would be made available. The funny-you-should-ask part is that just today, I spent a little time with the image viewer plug-in to update it (I use it quite a lot and found a problem), and include it on an update site.

If you want to get the plug-ins to use, you can access them by pointing the Update Manager at my fancy new update site: Once you’ve installed it, you can open it through the "Window > Show View > Other…" menu item. Over time, I’ll include other potentially interesting samples on this update site.

If you want the source, you can download a Team Project Set that will load both of the Plug-in projects here. Or you can point your CVS Repository Explorer to and navigate to HEAD/www/evangelism/samples/imageviewer/code and check out the projects the "hard" way.


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