Hooked up to the Eclipse Firehose

Hobel is having some trouble with Eclipse. In fact, he’s having so much trouble that he’s started a blog on the topic (eclipse-sucks). While I disagree with his position, he’s obviously having problems hooking himself into the Eclipse world. I’ve been trying to help him out. I even invited the author to join Planet Eclipse, but he declined.

I think that one of his biggest problems is that he’s short on time, is under pressure to get stuff done, and he’s starting in the middle.

Kind readers, I invite you to please provide Hobel with constructive comments. I think we can help him out and win him over.

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7 Responses to Hooked up to the Eclipse Firehose

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wayne i want to say to you that you are the best evangelist i know. It does not matter how bad they talk about eclipse, you still find the solution to them. Keep the hard work, and making more follower of eclipse.

  2. Neil Bartlett says:

    My suspicion is that he doesn’t really hate Eclipse as much as he claims to. (I mean come on, who really uses words like “fucktard”? Besides teenagers, of course.)I think he’s just provoking you in order to get a load of free consulting…

  3. Gunnar says:

    I think I disagree with Neil’s thought, although, a lot of his problems sound like FAQs, which makes him look like a lazy student not doing his homework properly.Not that I disagree with his critics. In fact, he really hit a few annoyances and run into a couple of gotchas, maybe he has also hit a Mac bug or two. Maybe we just don’t see them anymore because for us a common pattern is to go to Window – Preferences after we create a new workspace.However, I think it’s a wrong direction you are proposing with your blog. It’s good to mention and help people with problems, especially beginners. But is it a good idea to ignore all the existing communities we have and answer his questions directly in his blog? What if we do? How many other people will start such type of blogs and just sit their and wait for answers instead of getting into the communities and learning stuff?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wayne, I saw the post while preparing a Geronimo article proposal for IBM DW..I left some pointers to the Eclipse Tutorial set at dev.java.net that can be loaded as a plugin and a note that he can ask questions at EclipseZone.com and get answers daily..So hopefully he gets the help he needs..aka shareme

  5. Ian Skerrett says:

    Gunnar,Not sure if I agree with your last point. Sure it would be nice for everyone to be good community members and use the proper newsgroups. However, this guy is obviously trying to be sensational and wants the attention. Why not give it to him and maybe anwser some newbie type questions? I can’t see it hurting. I honestly believe most people do want to be community members and will use the newsgroups.

  6. Wayne says:

    >I think he’s just provoking you in order to >get a load of free consulting…I spend a good part of my day hanging out in newsgroups anyway. What’s a few minutes more?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh dear 🙂 :-)That’s Charles Ditzel’s son if ya know what I mean> Later that day, just to see how it is, I took a look at NetBeans RCP.> In less than the Eclipse getting-started time I had an example app running.Yep! That must be Dirty Charly Junior 🙂

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