EclipseCon Recommended Tracks

I’ve been looking over the recommended tracks for EclipseCon 2007.

Based on what I know of folks like Chris and Alex, their recommended tracks are more-or-less exactly what I’d expect. There is some overlap between their recommendations and mine, so I’m sure to bump into them. Actually, I’m virtually guaranteed to run into both of them anyway; they are the kings of mingling.

If you can’t get enough of the OSGi, check out An All OSGi Track. There’s OSGi and more in the OSGi/RCP/SOA Track. RichServer and RichClient is a similar track. There more on RCP (and related issues) in Open Source and the use of RCP in Commercial Applications.

An IDE Developer’s Track by Scott Kellicker includes numerous talks on building debuggers, supporting additional languages, language toolkit (LTK) and more; useful stuff if you’re building an IDE based on Eclipse technology (and I know that so very many of you are). Matt Chapman has provided the Aspect-Oriented Programming Track (with an obvious focus). If modeling is your thing, Joana M. F. Trindade has provided a useful track.

Andrei Loskutov, Benjamin Pasero, Benjamin Muskalla, Bjorn, and Gunnar have all provided personal tracks. A quick glance at these tracks reveals a great deal about what interests these folks.

Ken’s Embedded Track caught my attention as my own interest in embedded has increased quite a lot this year. There’s a lot of overlap between Ken’s recommendations and my own, so I’m looking forward to running into Ken in a few of these talks.

Interesting tracks for a database vendor has an obvious focus, but is a little more diverse than the title suggests. I love that database vendors are using Eclipse technology.

I updated my recommended track today; a few talks had changed slots, so I had to drop one, but managed to add a couple of new talks that I couldn’t wedge in before. I also decided to rename the talk. I was in a bit of an odd mood when I gave it the original title and decided to take this opportunity to provide a more useful and descriptive one. With the change, the track has disappeared from the site (it’s still in EclipseZilla), but I have faith that it will reappear at some point soon.

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4 Responses to EclipseCon Recommended Tracks

  1. AlBlue says:

    I’m sure you’ll recognise my ties again this year …

  2. Bjorn Freeman-Benson says:

    Hmmm, thanks for find that “my track vanished from the site” bug, Wayne. You’re now back on the page.

  3. Eugene says:

    Weird, there still number of the unscheduled short talks…

  4. Wayne says:

    The short talks deadline was extended to January 31st.

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