Yoxos Plug-in Partner Programme

I’ve written about Yoxos before. Yoxos, brought to us by the good people at Innoopract, is one of a handful of Eclipse distributions. They have a pretty cool Ajax-infected website that lets you specify the Eclipse components that you need (which they refer to as a scenario) and then builds an Eclipse image containing all those components (along with prerequisite components).
The Yoxos Eclipse distribution contains all plug-ins from eclipse.org plus other carefully selected third party plug-ins. This is pretty cool stuff all by itself.

They’ve launched a new partner programme that aims to increase the size of their plug-in catalogue while providing services to both the plug-in providers and consumers. They perform quality analysis on the plug-ins and provide feedback to the providers. This has obvious value to both the provider and the customer. Plus, they have a cool logo that plug-in providers can use to direct consumers to a fully-functioning Eclipse scenario that includes their plug-in(s).

If you’ve got plug-ins that you want to put to work, you should probably check out the partner programme. That, and you really should also register your plug-ins on Eclipse Plug-in Central (EPIC).

BTW: while you’re at the Innoopract web site, be sure to check out the RAP demo.

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