If I ever see this at EclipseCon…

…I may just lose it.

I’ve had this darned picture—taken at JavaOne 2007—on my desk for a little more than a month. I keep looking at it and thinking that I should scan it, put it on my blog and then send the original to the shredder.

As I look at this picture, I think several things:

  1. What the heck is Duke anyway? It looks like a badly infected (and seriously damaged) incisor.
  2. With a little more effort, maybe they could have had Dora the Explorer or Stanley and Dennis (who I understand aren’t doing much since their show was cancelled) there as well
  3. Why did they use a Polaroid instant camera rather than digital? (JavaOne: bringing you 1947’s technology today!)
  4. Why don’t we do something like this for EclipseCon 2008?

Fortunately, I already know the answer to that last one…

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4 Responses to If I ever see this at EclipseCon…

  1. Daniel Beck says:

    It looks like a cow from behind … 🙂

  2. JeroenL says:

    Doesn’t that big red nose seem like a big old punching target to you too?You know, those things you have to put small change in to show of one’s masculinity. (Bag drops donw which you have to hit as hard as you can with a big clock behind it which gages the impact you’ve created.)

  3. Lynn Gayowski says:

    I volunteer for EclipseCon 2008! I have the Dora hair going on already.

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