RSS Feed on Eclipse Blogs

Eclipse Blogs does have an RSS feed. Unfortunately it’s hidden. I’ll try to resolve this next week by adding a fancy icons somewhere on the template (somehow, I managed to assume ownership of this sort of thing). In the meantime, tack “/feed” on the end of the URL for the blog and you’re good to go (you can get the RSS feed for my blog here).

With FireFox 2.0, there’s a menu option, “Bookmarks > Subscribe to this page…” which gets you to the same place.

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2 Responses to RSS Feed on Eclipse Blogs

  1. It also have one one However, this is older rss version (0.92).

    Ognjen Blagojevic

  2. webmaster says:

    Well what do you know…

    For some reason, the trailing dot (.) gets included in the url when wordpress renders your comment… for everyone’s convenience, here it is without (hopefully) the weirdness…

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