EclipseCon 2008 BoF Schedule is up

The EclipseCon 2008 Birds of a Feather schedule is now available for your viewing pleasure.

There is still space available if you want to schedule a BoF of your own. We’re still taking them on a first-come, first-served basis so don’t wait any longer than you need to.

Be advised that I’ve been taking a careful look at the content of the abstracts. BoFs are intended to be n-way conversations among like-minded individuals; they’re not presentations, lectures, or product demonstrations. There’s been a few somewhat ambiguous abstracts that I’ve asked the submitters to revise. Also in this spirit, the rooms are not necessarily going to be outfitted with projectors and microphones. Some of the rooms may have these things, but I don’t know which ones.

Don’t forget to register for EclipseCon 2008. Do it today.

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2 Responses to EclipseCon 2008 BoF Schedule is up

  1. Wayne ? Did you receive the email I sent to the list on the Gsoc BoF list ?

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