GSoC Students: Read this carefully

We’ve received many wonderful applications; I’m really looking forward to this term’s GSoC.

Students, you need to submit your proposals through the Google Summer of Code system. You can find it here: You will have to register with Google if you want them to pay you for your efforts. We are always happy to accept applications through other mechanisms, but if you don’t register with Google and submit your application through the Google Summer of Code site, you’re not getting paid.

Don’t send your proposals to me via e-mail. Send them to Google. Don’t send them to Philippe, Anne, or EMO, webmaster, or You can post them on the SOC mailing list or newsgroup if you’d like, but you must also post them on the Google Summer of Code system. Feel free to drop me a note letting me know that you’ve posted your proposal, but that can’t be the only communication.

Remember that we don’t need your entire résumé as part of the application. A short bio accompanying your well-thought out project description will do. Show us that you’ve done your homework (the fact that you’re reading Eclipse blogs is a good indication of doing at least some of the homework). Make us believe that you’re working on something that has value for us, and that you’re going to get the work done.

In case you’ve misplaced the link, you can post your application for participation in GSoC with Eclipse here:

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2 Responses to GSoC Students: Read this carefully

  1. Denis Roy says:

    The least you could do is provide a link to GSoC. Sheesh

  2. Wayne Beaton says:

    You’re right. Good catch. Students should post their applications on the Google Summer of Code site:

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