Video Podcast: Creating an Equinox Service using Declarative Services

I just posted a video podcast titled “Creating an Equinox Service using Declarative Services“. This video podcast briefly describes Equinox services and goes through the steps required to create and run a service using the Equinox Declarative Services (in incubation at the time of recording).


For the recording, I cranked my screen resolution down to 640×480 and stripped down my Eclipse (Eclipse For RCP/Plug-in Developers Ganymede M5) to contain only the bare minimum user interface. I resized the output to the screen resolution of an iPod Touch (which I assume is the same as an iPhone). All-in-all, it worked out well. The results look quite good on my iPod classic: the text on the screen is small, but readable. I only just posted it on Eclipse Live, so I haven’t had a chance yet to see if iTunes can make any sense of the MP4 extension on the file.

I do sort of waffle a little in the middle when I discuss that, with declarative services, you can actually use a class instead of an interface (true), but I’m quite satisfied with it overall.

If you want to learn more about Equinox/OSGi Services and Declarative Services, Neil Barlett’s series on the topic is an excellent source of information.

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3 Responses to Video Podcast: Creating an Equinox Service using Declarative Services

  1. Wait until you see the editor that PDE is cooking up for you.

  2. boris says:

    Hi Wayne
    Which program you have used to record the video? I want to record in Windows things like this for my pupils!
    Boris Starchev

  3. Wayne Beaton says:

    I use gtk-recordMyDesktop to capture video, then I run it through ffmpeg to get it into an iPod-friendly format. I’ve been tinkering with Kdenlive for editing, but haven’t gotten that far with it. All on Ubuntu Linux.

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