Great Fixes for Mars Winners Part I

A Great Fix is a contribution provides a significant improvement in the Java development experience using Eclipse. Special consideration will be given to performance or stability improvements, and patches that improve the user experience. To qualify, a fix needs to be merged into the project repository by a committer.

For our first round in the Great Fixes for Mars skills competition, we have a total of 29 qualifying fixes, submitted by 9 contributors.

Here are our winners:

Andrey Loskutov

Andrey contributed twelve qualifying fixes (it’s a query, so the results may have changed since I posted this) for the Great Fix competition. Some of these contributions are significant in their own right, but together they represent a staggeringly large contribution including a broad range of performance, stability and user experience improvements. Andrey—who currently holds the #2 spot in terms of contributions made to the project in the last three months—has been invited to join the Platform UI project as a committer.

Mateusz Matela

Mateusz made a huge contribution which basically reimplemented and improved the JDT’s Java code formatter. The contribution includes 240 files changed, 8,422 insertions, 17,295 deletions. This fix improves performance and stability in the formatter, with a significant impact on the Java development community.

John Glassmyer

John contributed patches (core, ui) that fix issues with how imports are organized and sorted. His two commits change 28 files, with 3,007 net new lines of code including comprehensive changes to the JUnit tests, that fix seven separate bugs from JDT Core and UI. Some of these are long time bugs, dating back to 2004.

John, Mateusz, and Andrey all win fancy new Nexus 9 Android tablets graciously donated by Google. We’ll be contacting you shortly to confirm your co-ordinates.

All runners up will receive an Eclipse T-Shirt. All runners up are still in the competition!

The next deadline is April 1st. No fooling.

  • Deadline: April 1/2015; the three top-prize winners will be announced on April 3/2015 (Mars M6)
  • Deadline: May 6/2015; the four top-prize winners will be announced on May 8/2015 (Mars M7)

Fame and glory await!

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4 Responses to Great Fixes for Mars Winners Part I

  1. velganesh Subramanian says:

    My sincere thanks and wishes to the winners.

  2. Please can anyone fix this buggy p2 thing :-/

    • waynebeaton says:

      There is some serious work being done to fix some long standing p2 issues. Hopefully that addresses your concerns (if there’s something specific, please make sure that there is a corresponding bug report).

    • waynebeaton says:

      Be specific and open up bug reports.


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